About Us

NK WIN AUTO PARTS ENTERPRISE was incorporated in DECEMBER 2006 .We are manufacturing and trading company specialized in producing various type of motorcycle electronic part, spare parts and accessories . Over the year ,we have earned an excellent reputation as one of high quality manufacturer and trader of motorcycle's electronic parts & spare in the country.


Today ,our wide range of product consists of alternative current generator (ACG) coils, c.d.i unit & rectifier & regulator , stater motor & flaser relay &wire set ,head lamp socket and a lot more for various types of motorcycle parts.our list of products can be determine at our website address : www.nkwin.com.my or www.facebook.com/nkwin99                       


We assured that our product are high quality , reliable and competitive . To achieve our clients specifications and standard, we have our Quality Control Team which responsible in quality monitoring, Research & Development Team responsible improvise our existing product and also producing new products based on latest design and technology of motorcycle in market .Our marketing team is responsible in making connection with the clients, not only attending to their needs but also complaints , suggestions, idea and provide information on the products with details of their functions. we really appreciate comments and respond from our clients on our products as indirectly it helps us in monitoring our products quality and performance .


NK WIN AUTO PARTS ENTERPRISE is supplying the product to all over Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak, Thailand, Indonesia, and few other countries. We are looking forward to penetrate the market through out Asian countries as India ,Philippine, Vietnam and other region too.


Quality, Reliable and trust is our main priority and objective. We trust that our products are up to the customer standard, requirement and expectation. We also believe in providing an excellent service, which has helps us grow and expand over the year.